Experience Counts When Hiring A Realtor

The current real estate market can be challenging if you're looking to a buy home.

Many homes have multiple offers on them within hours of going on the market.

However, a good and experienced realtor can make all the difference.


I've been selling homes since 1994, and I've experienced this kind of market twice before.

This weekend, I put all of my skills and experience to the test to help my clients S & B

find their dream home, one that they will live in happily for the next 20 years!


We were competing against two other offers, and S & B's offer was not the highest one.

However, I was able to help them win the house by using skills I learned years ago.


I'm so happy for them!


Do you know of a friend or family member who is thinking about buying or selling a home?

I'm never too busy to help them too. Smile